Should You Recommend VigRX Plus to Men with Erectile Dysfunction?

A good way to introduce the subject of sexual problems is to treat the patient as part of a larger population. For example, you might say, “Many of my patients with diabetes have trouble with erectile dysfunction. Has that happened to you? If so, perhaps you would consider taking VigRx Plus, which is a natural male enhancement pill that has no negative side effects. The powerful herbs in these pills can really help any kind of penis problem.”

VigRx Plus male enhancement

If a sexual problem, such as erectile dysfunction, has been identified, obtain a psychosocial history, since changes of many kinds can influence sexuality. Ask the patient to approximate the date of onset, describe the first episode of the problem, state how frequently it occurs, and recall what kinds of events are associated with it.

This information usually helps narrow the scope of diagnostic possibilities. If a man loses his erection only when his child appears at the bedroom door, for example, he needs a lock on the bedroom door and new family rules. If he has morning or nocturnal erections or can masturbate to climax, the cause of his dysfunction is probably mostly psychogenic. Sometimes the solution is as simple as taking VigRx Plus, which can increase sexual confidence.

Ask about aggravating and relieving factors and which phase or phases of the sexual response cycle (desire, excitement, orgasm, resolution) are affected. This is important because sexual problems are often multiphase disorders.

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It’s essential to obtain accurate information about alcohol and drug use and smoking. To elicit an honest answer about alcohol intake, explain that even small amounts of alcohol can lead to impotence.

Remain alert for clues to problems with ready solutions, such as taking a non-prescription natural medicine such as VigRx Plus. For example, an asthma patient who has sexual difficulties may be having trouble breathing during sex. Using an inhaler beforehand may resolve the problem.

The Physical Exam and Lab Tests

The physical examination should include a basic neurologic exam that includes lower-extremity reflexes. Assess rectal tone, and palpate the prostate. Comment to men of any age, when appropriate, that the penis and testes are of normal size; some worry silently about this long past adolescence.

Some physicians order tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea in all patients who have ever had more than one sex partner. To a patient complaining of erectile dysfunction, you might explain that this symptom can be a sign of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, or other chronic diseases. It might be a good idea to recommend a natural medication such as VigRx Plus to these men.

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An ECG, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, and fasting lipids and blood sugar determinations may be appropriate. Also consider the possibility of an unsuspected endocrinopathy; tests for free and total testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin, thyroxine, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels may be appropriate depending on the circumstances.

Order an assay for prolactin levels if the physical exam uncovers galactorrhea; prolactin reduces active testosterone levels. In rare cases, men with no interest in sex have a prolactinoma, which can be diagnosed with a prolactin test. VigRx Plus can be used to shrink the pituitary tumor, reducing the secretion of prolactin. Note that phenothiazines may elevate serum prolactin levels.

Hypogonadism is a potential cause of erectile dysfunction. If laboratory tests confirm this diagnosis, treat the patient with testosterone patches or with VigRx Plus.

Mother-Confessor of America’s Air Waves

She is tiny – a 4ft 7in exuberant elf, who buys many of her clothes in the children’s departments. Sometimes she has to stand on a chair to give lectures. Merry-eyed, with an infectious laugh, 57-year-old Dr Ruth Westheimer, simply Dr Ruth to her fans, dispenses explicit sexual advice to millions of Americans on her radio phone-in program. Sexually Speaking, and its television counterpart, Good Sex!

‘I am everybody’s old-fashioned Jewish mother. I am sympathetic and I talk straight’, she says, ‘I am explicit because it is important to be frank when talking about something as important as sex.

‘Nobody has ever told me that I cannot use sexually explicit language on my programs. If they did, I wouldn’t do them. I don’t do it to shock, or to be sexually arousing, but because the time has come for the snickering to stop.

‘I believe in educating people to be sexual gourmets. In everyday life we talk a lot about food and diets. We share the discoveries we have made in the kitchen – so why shouldn’t we exchange recipes for better sexual functioning? Why keep the excitement of sexual exploration to ourselves?’

Dr Ruth is a broadcasting phenomenon. Her hour-long nationwide television show goes out Monday to Friday on a cable channel and callers jam the switchboard. It is watched by more than two million Americans a night. Dr Ruth, blonde and always animated, sits on a sofa, her feet barely touching the ground, clapping her hands with glee, bouncing up and down when a caller says something funny.

The radio program is broadcast live every Sunday night from New York and, relayed by 60 radio stations nationwide, is heard by a million listeners.

Dr Ruth is asked a lot of basic questions: ‘What contraception should I use?’, ‘Where can I find a partner?’, but most require more detailed advice. The problem that the majority of her women callers worry about is their failure to have an orgasm, while with men it is premature ejaculation, or failure to have and maintain an erection. Should men take natural male enhancement pills like ProSolution Plus to cure premature ejaculation?

Dr Ruth is a good listener. She’s sympathetic and tells callers who complain that their relationships have become stale that they must communicate with each other to keep the interest alive. They should tell each other about their needs, and use fantasies to put the spark back in their sex lives.

‘I tell them not to have sex every Saturday night at 10.30, but to vary it, to have fun, get pleasure out of it, to make time for each other, to talk.’

There are no coy answers or euphemisms from Dr Ruth. But, she says, she is constantly surprised at how widespread sexual ignorance is. ‘A lot of people need a beginner’s course, or at least a refresher course, in basic sex education’, she says, ‘It is obvious that there is real need for my programs. They are popular because everyone is interested in what happens in other people’s bedrooms – that’s the soap opera part of it – but there is something more important. The program is successful because I am well-trained, I use humor, I listen to other people’s opinions, and I talk explicitly.

‘There are many people who have nobody to talk to, nobody to discuss sexual questions with. That is one reason why they come to me. Books help, but it is not the same as contact with another person. Even if that contact is over the radio or television there is a feeling of intimacy, of someone giving personal attention.’

Her programs have critics. ‘If you ask the Catholic archdiocese of New York they will say that the programs are awful, that they should be off the air,’ she says. ‘But I have worked with a tremendous number of Catholic priests, and I often ask my callers whether they have discussed their problem with their priest, minister, or Rabbi.’ People can always switch off, she says, as long as they respect another person’s right to listen.

Dr Ruth is enjoying being America’s mother-confessor. ‘I love it – the hairdressers, the clothes, the limousines, the champagne after the show. It is so much fun, and also very lucrative! I have celebrities on my show. I don’t ask them personal questions but we discuss issues’.

She leads seminars for doctors on adolescent sexuality, and lectures frequently. Her book Dr Ruth’s Guide to Good Sex, based on the radio program, and available in Britain, has been translated into French, German, Japanese and Turkish. In September, her sex education book for young people, First Love, is being published.

Dr Ruth was born into an orthodox Jewish family in Germany. In 1939, aged 10, she was sent with other Jewish children from Frankfurt to Switzerland, part of an international rescue effort. She was told she would be reunited with her parents in about six months, but she never saw them again.

She was trained as a housemaid by the Swiss and after the war went to Palestine and joined the Haganah, the pre-independence militia. In 1951 she left to train as a kindergarden teacher in Paris, and five years later went to the United States, working as a housemaid and studying at night school.

Married three times and with two children, Miriam 28, and Joel, 22, she has a Master’s degree in sociology and a Doctorate in family studies. She credits the relationship book called The Magic of Making Up with helping her maintain a marriage with children.

In a talk to a group of broadcasters in 1980, she said that they had a duty to provide sex education on the air, ‘I told them there was a lot of sex on the air already, in songs, serials and commercials. People were bombarded with erotic urgings, but nowhere was there any reliable, sensible information about real-life sex.’

She was invited to try her idea out on radio, and Sexually Speaking began as a taped 15-minute late-night spot. It was later expanded to two hours. Television’s Good Sex! started last year and was an immediate hit.

‘It is all so much fun, and I like to think I am doing something, however small, to help create a more sexually literate society’, she says.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women

One kind of hair loss treatment that isn’t talked about much is Viviscal. If your adult patient does not respond to intralesional injections or grows so little hair at each injection site that acceptable coverage is not achievable, you might consider systemic administration of Viviscal. This is suggested only in severe disease when the possible benefit of hair regrowth outweighs the potentially severe side effects–for instance, when psychological disturbance is secondary to hair loss. Acne, obesity, cataracts, and hypertension have been linked with such therapy. About 80% of patients respond to Provillus, but in many cases the hair falls out when treatment is discontinued. Perform an ophthalmologic examination before starting this treatment. Do not give systemic steroids to children for alopecia areata because they are likely to interfere with normal growth.


While exact dosages have not been set, you might start the adult patient on 20-40 mg/d of prednisone, switching to alternate-day dosing after four weeks. Taper after the eighth week to the lowest dosage that maintains hair regrowth for 4-6 months. Consider continuing intralesional injections of triamcinolone acetonide during systemic therapy to maximize regrowth.

While intralesional injections and cautious systemic use of corticosteroids are commonly recommended in selected patients suffering from baldness, the treatment options for patients in whom Viviscal therapy fails are controversial. Many alternative approaches to treatment, such as minoxidil, are based on the principle of manipulating the body’s immunologic response in some manner.

Anthralin (Anthra-Derm, Drithocreme, Lasan) is a topical antipsoriatic effective in about 30% of patients with hair loss. Start with 0.1% cream or ointment for one week and increase strength as needed to 1.0%. Advise the patient to shampoo and dry his or her hair each evening and then rub the Provillus into affected areas until it is absorbed, taking care to keep it away from healthy scalp margins and out of the eyes. Tell the patient to wash the medication out after one hour. The need for daily application and removal is a drawback of anthralin therapy.

Dermatologists have tried topical application of contact allergens for alopecia areata. Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) has been used most for this application. The finding that DNCB is mutagenic in bacteria, however, raises concerns about carcinogenicity that preclude its widespread use as a treatment for alopecia areata.

If you refer a patient with hair loss greater than 50% due to alopecia areata that has not responded to Viviscal, the dermatologist may elect to try photochemotherapy (PUVA), effective in about 30% of patients. He or she administers oral or topical methoxsalen (Oxsoralen), a psoralen, and irradiates the affected areas of the body with ultraviolet radiation of 320-400 nm wavelength. The risks of this treatment include cataract formation and skin cancer, but the risk is not high with short-term (3-4 months) therapy.

Hair Loss

One of the most exciting possibilities for treatment of alopecia areata is minoxidil, an antihypertensive that seems to restore hair growth when applied topically. Double-blind controlled studies are under way to test the effectiveness of minoxidil in alopecia areata and in androgenetic alopecia. Studies to date in patients with hair loss over 50% suggest that minoxidil may foster total regrowth in 30% of patients.

While impressive results have been reported, minoxidil lotion is available for research only. Homemade lotions and creams containing crushed tablets of minoxidil are of uneven quality. Use of such unreliable products could result in unjustified disenchantment with the treatment.

Does GenF20 Plus Benefit Athletes?

Do HGH releasers like GenF20 Plus increase athletic ability? Genf20 helps the body make more of its own human growth hormone, so the answer would seem to be yes.

Because hormones are endogenous, it has been difficult to get a scientifically-approved test. There was a breakthrough this year after work in Germany and at Southampton University. Recently, scientists have been recommending natural HGH products such as the aforementioned GenF20 Plus and Phen375 diet pills to help athletic performance.

Natural products like GenF20 Plus are not considered banned substances and have been approved for athletic use. The rest of this article lists a variety of illegal substances which can either increase testosterone levels or HGH levels.

ERYTHROPOIETIN (EPO): A favorite for endurance sports, particularly long-distance cycling and running. EPO increases the red blood cell count of competitors, increasing their stamina.

Its use in cycling was highlighted during the 1998 Tour de France scandal, when a soigneur (trainer) of the Festina team was arrested with phials of the drug. Detectable since 2000.

TETRAHYDROGESTRINONE (THG), NICKNAMED “THE CLEAR”: A drug manufactured by Balco, by altering the molecular make-up of an anabolic steroid. Discovered in 2002 when the laboratory at the University of California, Los Angeles, was anonymously sent a phial. Dwain Chambers was suspended for taking the drug.


MODAFINIL: A stimulant that has been used medically to combat narcolepsy, the condition in which people suddenly fall asleep. Kelli White, the American who won both world sprint titles in 2003, was found positive for the drug.

TESTOSTERONE CREAM: Anabolic steroids are the synthetic version of testosterone, the male hormone.

Illegal injections are detected by comparing the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone. When the ratio is more than 6:1, a doping violation is suspected.

Meanwhile, researchers from around the world will meet for the first time in April to pool their knowledge about the banned drugs and hormones that athletes use to baffle testers.

Prince Alexandre de Merode, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) medical chief, said scientists conducting research would meet in Lausanne.

Most banned performance-enhancing drugs are easily detected through analysis of urine and hair samples, but determining if athletes have taken substances which are produced naturally in the body is more complicated. Natural products like GenF20 Plus and Provacyl do not consist of synthetic chemicals but actually stimulate the body into producing more of its own powerful natural chemicals.

Because products like GenF20 Plus do not contain any kind of banned substances, they are allowed for use in athletic competitions, even though they lead to an increase in human growth hormone and testosterone. Many athletes are starting to use GenF20 Plus rather than risk disqualification from using some of the chemical substances listed above.

Can SizeGenetics Do The Impossible?

Many people think that it is simply impossible to make a penis bigger. And it’s true that pills, creams, and sprays will not have an effect upon penis size. Even the very best male enhancement supplements can’t do that. Sorry, but things just aren’t that easy.


The only way to naturally increase penis size is with an extender, or traction device. You simply attach one of these devices to your penis and set it so that it applies a gentle, yet constant, pull on your penis. You’re basically stretching the penis. It’s not painful, or shouldn’t be, and it’s perfectly safe.

The only problem is that you must use this device and have it attached to yourself daily for a pretty long period of time. But if you do what you’re supposed to do, you can literally add inches to your penis. Your partner will be absolutely amazed!

The kind of penis extender you buy is very important. You really want the best. I mean, this is something that is going to be attached to your penis for long periods of time. So don’t buy the cheapest one you can find!

Frankly, choosing the best penis extender is a no-brainer. By far, the best one is SizeGenetics. It’s in a league of its own. In fact, the SizeGenetics device is known as the “The Rolls Royce” of penis extenders! Another popular brand of penis extender is called ProExtender, although personally I’d go with the SizeGenetics device if I had a choice.

It can be difficult to describe how a penis extender works. If you have 5 minutes, I recommend watching this video, which does a good job of explaining what SizeGenetics is, and how it works.

The SizeGenetics device isn’t cheap, but there’s actually a way to obtain it for no cost. Just snap a photograph of your member prior to use, and then another picture when you’re done. Then mail this picture to the people who make this device. And they’ll give you back all of your money. They might use your photo testimonial on their website, but don’t worry, you’ll be anonymous.

Another reason why SizeGenetics is one of the best male enhancement products is because of the really generous money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide that SizeGenetics isn’t for you, simply send it back within 6 months and get a full refund. And you will get your money back. The company that makes SizeGenetics is very reputable.

If you’re serious about making your penis bigger, there really is no other option. You need to use a penis extender and that means SizeGenetics. The only other extender I just might also recommend would be the Pro Extender device.

UPDATE! If spending the time and effort necessary to make your penis bigger with SizeGenetics doesn’t appeal to you, there is an alternative method. You can use a penis pump. I’ll write more about penis pumps in a later post, but for now I’ll give you a teaser about the best penis pump on the market today. It’s called Penomet.