2014 Race Classes

Pro (450cc max. 4-stroke Production ATV) 
Pro Am (306cc 2 stroke & 450cc 4-stroke max.)
Pro Am Unlimited (201cc-Open) (2 & 4 Stroke allowed) (No past Series Champions from the National Extreme Dirt Track Pro, Pro-Am, or Pro-Am Unlimited classes may compete)

Production A (201cc-450cc max. 4-stroke production ATV)
Production B (201cc-450cc max. 4-stroke production ATV)
Production C (201cc-450cc max. 4-stroke production ATV)
Amateur Unlimited (201cc-Open)
Amateur Open 15+ years (201cc-Open)(2 & 4 stroke allowed)
Plus 25 (201cc-Open) (2 & 4 Stroke allowed)
Veteran 35+ years (201cc-Open) (2 & 4 Stroke allowed)
Senior 45+ years (201cc-Open) (2 & 4 Stroke allowed)
Women (201cc-Open) (2 & 4 Stroke allowed)

Youth Open (91-240cc 2-stroke & 91-400cc 4-stroke) (13-16 years)(Minimum age for a 400cc
                 machine is 14-yrs-old per AMA Rulebook Section 4.3.F page 176)
Schoolboy Junior (Maximum 200cc  2-stroke & 300cc 4-stroke)  (13-15 years)
Super Mini (Modified 105cc max. 2-stroke & 150cc max. 4-stroke)  (13-15 years)
70-90 Modified (90cc max. 2-stroke & 125cc max. 4-stroke) (8-15 yrs)
70-90 Production (AUTO and CVT) (90 cc max.2-stroke & 125cc max. 4-stroke)  (8-15 years)
70cc-90cc Stock Limited (8-13yrs)
51cc-70cc Modified (2 Stroke & 4 Stroke allowed) (shifter or auto) (6-11 years)
51cc-70cc Production AUTO (70cc. max.) (6-11 years)
0-50cc Production Auto (6-8 years)
0-50cc Stock Limited (4-6 years)

Motorcycles   (Must run dirt track tires - NO KNOBBIES)
85cc Mod (7-15 years)
250cc Mod (14 years and older)
450cc+ Mod (14 years and older)

Non-National Classes (at the discretion of the promoter)
Knobby (200-525cc stock sport quad)
Stock UTV  
Mod UTV 

Race Structure

1. You must have a current AMA membership to race.
2. Each race machine must pass inspection before ever entering the race track. Once inspected the race machine must have race inspection on race
3. Practice will be held the morning of each event with an optional practice on Friday night.
4. Heat races will be split into the appropriate size (10 or less) for each class. A random drawing will determine starting position for each heat.
   Amateur Heat races will be 6 laps and Pro Heats will be 6 laps long (subject to change at discretion of referee)
5. Main Event gate positions will be determined by finishing order of heat races. Amateur Main Events will be 10 laps and Pro Main Events will be 20
   laps (subject to change at discretion of referee)
6. Riders must protest within 30min. of Heat and Main Event races ending.
7. Riders will earn points according to Main Event standings.

*For more information please make sure you read the 2014 Supplemental Rules.

8th place   - 13 points
9th place   - 12 points
10th place - 11 points
11th place   - 10 points
12th place   - 9 points
13th place   - 8 points
14th place   - 7 points

Points Structure

1st place   - 30 points
2nd place  - 25 points
3rd place   - 21 points
4th place   - 18 points
5th place   - 16 points
6th place   - 15 points
7th place   - 14 points

15th place   - 6 points
16th place   - 5 points
17th place   - 4 points
18th place   - 3 points
19th place   - 2 points
20th place   - 1 point
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