Take PhenQ to Bring Appetite Under Control

One of the easiest ways for the externally oriented overeater to bring his appetite under control is very simple: take a natural appetite suppressant such as PhenQ. This will reduce hunger and help an overeater lose weight fast. PhenQ is safe to use because it’s natural. There are no side effects associated with this weight loss dietary supplement.

Another way to bring appetite under control is to keep all high-risk foods out of the house. That way, if the thought of a particular treat gets your appetite going and weakens your resolve, there will be time to ask whether the craving has anything to do with real hunger before giving in. And, if the answer is no, it will be easier for you to think of some activity that will serve as a distraction (like making a phone call or straightening out a bookshelf) until the craving passes.

Delicious food

Dr. Brownell notes that most cravings generally pass within minutes, or even seconds–not enough time to keep someone from popping into his mouth a food that is right in front of him, but more than enough time to reaffirm the vow to lose weight and “ride out” the urge before deciding to head to the supermarket or the corner convenience store. He adds that the more times a dieter battles his urges successfully, the weaker and less frequent they become.

It’s not always possible, of course, to keep appetite-arousing foods out of your home, especially when there’s a family to please. Besides, not all people trying to reduce want to avoid their high-risk foods completely. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Anyone attempting to lose weight can have a piece of chocolate cake now and again or some other much-loved treat and not wreck his or her efforts. The trick is to have just one piece. That may be extremely difficult for those who have trouble stopping once they get going.

Taking a portion and then putting the rest away before sitting down to eat it, however, provides a much better chance for success. Unfortunately, because that advice seems almost too simple and has been repeated so often, many potential weight losers fail to pay any attention to it. Nevertheless, following the time-worn tip can save hundreds of calories at a sitting.

Consider the person who takes a pie from the refrigerator, cuts himself a slice, leaves the knife in the pie box right next to his plate at the table, and starts eating. Now consider the weight loser who cuts a slice, puts the knife in the sink, and immediately returns the pie box to the refrigerator. This reducer has a much greater chance of beating his hard-to-control appetite to the punch and getting on with his weight-loss effort free of major setbacks.

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